Hardwood floors simply refers to any product that is made from timber which is basically designed to be used as flooring either aesthetic or structural. Wood is a very common choice as a material for flooring because of its environmental profile, restorability as well as its durability. The types of hardwood floors include engineered wood floors and solid wood floors. The solid types are basically made from one piece of timber. Originally, these solid hardwood floors were used for structural functions which include being installed to the bearers which are the building’s wooden support beam. This type of floors have a thicker wear surface and can possibly be finished and sanded more times compared to the engineered wood floors


The engineered wood flooring is made up of two more wood layers which are in the form a plank. Lamella which is the top layer is the wood which can be seen when the flooring is installed and stacked to the core. Its stability is gained by running each layer at ninety degrees angle to the layer that is above. Its stability enables it to be a universal product which can be installed over all kind of sub floors that is above. It is worth noting that, the engineered wood is the most commonly used type of wood flooring all over the world.


It is very hard to compare engineered wood floors to solid wood floors because of the wide quality range in both categories of the product especially the engineered type. Solid wood has some limitation. For instance, there are maximum width and length that is recommended. It is also more prone to excessive space between planks, curving of convex upwards when there is increase in humidity as well as cupping which refers to the dished or concave appearance of the planks. Furthermore, it is advisable not to use solid wood with radiant heating of the flooring. There are however some common characteristics to each and every category. For instance, solid wood is always in plank format, generally thicker compared to engineered wood as well as more frequently site finished.


There are other several benefits associated with engineered wood floor beyond it being used universally and its dimensional stability. For instance, the patented installation systems ensure quicker installation as well as easy boards replacement. This kind of wood also enables floating installation whereby the planks are not stacked to each other or the sub floor hence ensuring reduction on installation and repair time. In addition to that, engineered hardwood flooring is also very good for radiant heating systems and under floor. Via internet search, it is very easy to find a suitable company in North Dallas that meets your needs. So as to meet all your wood flooring needs, it is worth noting that there is the availability of excellent companies which are specialized in wood floor sanding, refinishing and installation. Their services targets both commercial and residential customers.


In case you are in need of having your house installed with a new floor, the best wood floor service provider will always suggest you consider installing high quality hardwood. This is due to the fact that such kind of flooring offers a wonderful look and admirable look. In case your office or home is already installed with hard wood floors, then it is important sand and refinish the floor so as to give it a new and shiny look. Excellent wood flooring companies in North Dallas offers one hundred percent guarantee of refinishing your hardwood floors perfectly, on time, and at an affordable cost.


There are several firms that provide a range of wood floor services such as refinishing, installation as well as renovation. Therefore, it is always very important to consider finding the best wood floor services to ensure excellent installation. Via internet search, you can find a good company with good reputation of doing great job as far as hardwood flooring of your home or office is concerned. You may also find a good hard wood flooring service through referrals from friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors. Always remember that with a good hardwood floor services in North Dallas, each process is adhered to by highly motivated, skilled, trained and experienced experts.